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JSC “Technogroup” enterprise was established in November 2002. to work in the field of pulp-and- paper  industry. The company started its commercial operations with delivery and erection of equipment, repair and replacement of spare parts for lines of paper cutting and packing at American enterprises JSC «Svetogorsk» и JSC «B&К East», which are part of industrial holding International Paper. Having in the staff skilled and experienced workers  and highly professional engineers, JSC “Technogroup”  proved its ability to solve complicated technical problems promptly and with good quality, which resulted in getting new volumes of work and  starting different fields of activity.

In January 2004 our enterprise received an offer  for servicing and repair of lines for paper cutting and packing  from  JSC «Svetogorsk» and won the tender on the competitive basis. This allowed us to form the first site on the base of  pulp-and- paper  enterprise JSC «Svetogorsk»  in Leningrad region. Since 2009 till the present time at the site of JSC «Svetogorsk» erection works have been carried out, as well as  manufacture of hydraulic pipelines  CLS (ЦСС)  (centralized lubrication system) BDM-4 (БДМ-4)(paper-making machine); at the production sites of PPB (ППБ- production of printing paper ), PLB (ПЛБ- production of sheet paper), Timber exchange SRK-1 (СРК-1), SRK-3 (СРК-3) metal works and welding works, electric filters servicing and repair and other works have been carried out.

In August 2004 the company entered the market of shipbuilding having signed a contract with JSC «Vyborg shipyard»  for  manufacture and erection of hydraulic pipelines  and delivery of seamless pipes AISI316 made of stainless steel and joints of  ERMETO type for orders   210-215 (a series of  6 tankers for Kazakhstan)  and opened a permanent site in Vyborg, Leningrad Region.

The Baltic Inspection of Russian Marine Register of navigation confirmed good quality of work  by issuing a relative Certificate № 05.00106.120 of 28.07.2005.

In December 2006   on the base of   JSC «Vyborg shipyard»  we started a new   field of activity and began to build ship hulls.   By July 2007,  due to the support of   JSC «Vyborg shipyard» management, our company carried out  ship hull manufacture in building berth.

In 2008-2010.g. on a plot of JSC "Vyborgshipyard" performed works on manufacturing sections(20-100 tons) metal vessels and the formation of the corps 3 drilling platforms in the building berth, orders №102, №106, 107; manufacture and erection of hydraulic pipe-lines of high pressure for systems of valves remote control,   pneumatic systems,  etc. Upper structures of drilling platforms «Polar Star» и «Northern Lights» were finished in South Korea at  «Samsung Heavy Industry» shipyard.

For drilling platforms we manufactured the following sections:

102 order -210t

106 order-422t

107 order -3300t


102 order -904t

106 order 1670t

107 order -6020t

In 2011 JSC «Technogroup» took part in the construction of «Northern Flow», having carried out manufacture and erection of  pipe units of industrial pipe-lines at the construction site of compressor  station UPGT СS(УПГТ КС)  – «Portovaya»,  the section of gas-pipeline Gryazovets-Vyborg (General contractor- JSC «Stroygasconsulting», Customer -Gas-Invest-West)..

At the site  UPGT СS (УПГТ КС- Plant of Gas Preparation for transportation of compressor station) – «Portovaya» our company carried out works for по welding of industrial pipe-lines with external diameter from 21,3 mm up to 500 mm with wall thickness  from 3,7 mm up to 19 mm made of   carbon steel of   ASTM type: A 516 Gr. 60 N (A 671 CC 60 cl.22); A 516 Gr. 70 N (A 671 CC 70 cl.22); A333 Grade 6; A420 WPL6; A350 LF2 cl.1, as well as connecting parts and steel fittings A 860 WPHY 60.

Total number of welded joints carried out by JSC «Technogroup» at UPGT СS (УПГТ КС) – «Portovaya» amounts to     5200 joints (first stage). Besides welded joints we had carried out about    2500 threaded connections of pipes with diameter up to   88,9 mm.

In September 2011 a contract was signed with JSC «TrestRosSEM» at SMR of the 3rd power-generating unit of Volgodon NPS   (Customer- Nizhniy Novgorod branch of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry of Russia). The works were completed in August    2012  in full volume;   3192 joints were welded.

In February 2012  our company have signed a contract with JSC “Stroygasconsulting”, a current business-partner of JSC   «Gasprom», for manufacture and erection of pipe joints of industrial pipelines at the site of СS-3 (KC-3) «Gagaratskaya» СS-1 (КЦ-1- compressor shop) (Vorkuta) in the composition of the construction project of Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas trunks systems (1 line). In October 2013 in the conditions of Far North    we completed the works in full volume: 9137 welded pipeline joints from ½ inches up to 12 inches.

Since February 2012 our own laboratory of undamaging control, JSC ”GammaExpertGrupp” was licenced  for the following (types) methods of control:

• Visual control (VIC);

• Ultrasonic control (USC);

• Capillary fault detection (PVC);

• Radiographic (X-ray) control (RC).

The field of the laboritory certification is in conformity with   PB (ПБ) 03-440-02:

• Equipment of gas-and-oil-pumping stations;

• Industrial pipe-lines/;

The laboritary has got a complete staff of highly skilled specialists and operates  hightech  modern equipment.

Main kinds of activity:

1. Construction and erection  works (erection of metal structures and equipment; assembly, welding and erection of pipelines).

2. Installation of  ship systems and pipelines.

3. Assembly and welding of metal ships hulls.

4.Erection of hydrauling (pneumatic) pipelines made of stainless steel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (lines assembly on fittings with cut-in ring)). Manufacture and erection of industrial pipelines with  threaded connections.

5. Erection of hydraulic pipelines and equipment for pulp-and-paper industry.

6. Delivery of  component parts for gas transportation systems: steel pipes,        connecting parts, laterals, T-joints, fittings, etc. from Russian and foreign suppliers.

7. Services in logistics of cargoes  which locate in the territory of European Union, their customs clearance and delivery on  DDU, DDP terms.

JSC «Technogroup» can carry out  the following welding works:

RD (РД) — Manual covered-electrode arc welding.

RDN (РДН) — Manual covered-electrode arc overlay.

RAD (РАД)—Manual nonconsumable-electrode argon-arc welding.

MP (МП)  — Machine consumable-electrode welding in the active gases medium and mixtures.

MPG (МПГ) — Machine powder core welding порошковой проволокой in the active gases medium and mixtures.

AF (АФ)  —   Automatic submerged welding.

In July 2014 a contract was signed with JSC “Stroytransgas Neftegasmontazh”, a daughter company of JSC  «Stroytransgas» for construction of UPGT (УПГТ) of compressor station   «Kazachya» (Customer-Gasprom-Invest-West) of “Southern Flow” gas-pipeline.   In March 2015 the first stage of CS (KC)  «Kazachya» was completed. 910t of metal structures and equipment were erected, 7350 joints from   ½ inches up to 20 inches were welded, 2400 threaded joints were manufactured and erected. At the present time the company started the 2nd stage of construction and erection works      (СМР) of compressor station and is bussy to form a pack of orders in  oil-and-gas industry for 2015-2016.

Our company has got a neseccary experience, highly skilled technical-and-engineering staff (ИТР), machinery, tools and equipment to carry out Your projects. More detailed information about JSC «Technogroup» can be found on site  :


Faithfully yours,

Director General, JSC «Teсhnogroup»

D.V. Vorobyev

Tel./fax: +7(81378)32-902, 30-457



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